Gunbot v23      

This is a Live Demo from Trade with GUNBOT

Some tips on using the demo:

  • It's a live trading bot instance(Only meant for demonstration purposes).
  • You cannot make changes to the demo system.

  • The demo runs a strategy called stepGrid(available in Gunbot One and higher).
  • Trades like this with default settings.
  • To see data for all active trading pairs, go to the "Dashboard" where you can get detailed info about all current trading targets.
  • On "Dashboard" click "PNL analysis" on the chart to get detailed profit and loss overviews, for all and for individual trading pairs.

About stepGrid(autonomous spot trading) strategy features:

    – Scans markets for volatile pairs and adds them automatically, trades them with the stepGrid strategy
    – Evaluates results for active trading pairs, continously replacing the worst performing pair with another
    – Supports trading multiple base currencies on the same account, overlap between pairs is prevented automatically
    – Supports the following base currencies: USDT, BUSD, USDC, USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, BNB
    – Compounding trading limit, with an option to keep reserves
    – Occasionally uses a higher trading limit when the market seems favorable, including a stop loss mechanism
    – Frees up funds in case the account runs out of money for further buy orders
    – Protection against possible losing trades after a very large price difference between buy orders

Gunbot Automated Trading Software      

Gunbot v23

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